27 May 2008

Fiji launches campaign against typhoid

3:20 pm on 27 May 2008

A campaign is under way in Fiji's northern division to fight typhoid infections in rural areas.

Typhoid is caused by bacteria and is picked up through contaminated food or water, killing 600 000 people worldwide each year.

The acting chief medical officer in the northern division says most infections stem from unclean water and poor hygiene.

Dr Pablo Romakin says they are holding a workshop for healthworkers this week to teach them how to better detect and prevent the illness.

"They are having since yesterday, for three days, a divisional workshop to upgrade the skills of the healthcare providers in the northern division. They learn about their role and responsibility during outbreaks, to know how to identify whether there is an outbreak and the step by step process they have."

Dr Pablo Romakin says health staff have also started a community awareness raising exercise about the disease two weeks ago.