3 Jun 2008

French Polynesian nuclear test victims' case deferred again

3:01 pm on 3 June 2008

French Polynesia's Nuclear Workers' Association says its appeal case to get recognition for the victims of the French nuclear weapons tests has been deferred again.

France refuses to accept a link between its nuclear tests and the illnesses reported by those who worked at the test sites.

The association has lodged nine cases of former nuclear test workers, of whom only three are still alive, to the labour court in Papeete.

The court has for the second time decided to defer the case to give the defence more time to prepare.

The Association's president, Roland Oldham, says they're sad about the new delay.

"Disappointed but still hoping, because the next date will be 15 September, they should bring all the argumentation for the defence. Otherwise, it's very hard for us Polynesian people to accept that; because the test was 40 years ago."

Roland Oldham