7 Jun 2008

Former Fiji opposition leader says Spearhead leaders failed Fiji people

9:22 am on 7 June 2008

Fiji's Ousted opposition leader says Melanesian Spearhead Group leaders failed the people of Fiji with their support for the interim Government and in their acceptance of the People's Charter.

The Fiji Times reports Mick Beddoes as saying that the MSG leaders failed to hold the interim regime to account or gauge alternative views on the Fiji situation.

Mr Beddoes understands numerous members of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji were present at the MSG meeting and believes they hijacked the process and obtain support for their plan.

He says member countries showed poor leadership and a lack of appreciation or consideration of the views of the oppressed in Fiji.

Fiji's Interim Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama indicated he has the support of MSG members in his efforts to stand up against Australia, New Zealand, the Americans, the British and European Union in justifying the 2006 coup.

The MSG leaders' communique expressed their understanding of the situation and extended support to Fiji towards the objective of building a better Fiji.