21 Jun 2008

Expenditure and creating new revenue streams a challenge says Niue's new premier

7:42 am on 21 June 2008

The new Premier of Niue, Toke Talagi, says control of expenditure and the creation of new revenue streams are the biggest challenges facing his government.

Mr Talagi won a resounding victory on Thursday with 14 of the 20 MPs in the Assembly supporting his bid to become Premier.

Mr Talagi says remedying the financial state of the island will have his immediate focus, but it is too soon to say what sort moves might be made.

"At this initial stage what I am doing is getting a briefing on what our financial position is, secondly what [are] our Forum preparations that have been put in place, thirdly, to make sure that the Ministers have been given the responsibilities and portfolios, and fourthly, trying to manage our affairs as well as possible until we have all got all the reports we need from all the departments, so we can do the appropriate evaluations."