24 Jun 2008

Improving governance in the Pacific a key part of new NZ aid strategy

7:43 pm on 24 June 2008

Improving governance in the Pacific is one of the four pillars of New Zealand's new aid strategy for the region.

The New Zealand Government is providing more than two billion New Zealand dollars or around 1. 5 billion US dollars in assistance for the Pacific over the next eight years as it moves its overall aid focus to the region.

The Strategy continues an emphasis on health and basic education services, and the other pillars are fostering economic growth and building resilience to matters such as climate change and urbanisation.

Mr Peters says the stress on good governance is because a stable and prosperous Pacific cannot happen without it.

"And for this reason New Zealand's assistance will focus on building leadership from grassroots to the political. We will also work with the Pacific people to encourage stronger and broader participation. There should be no barriers to political participation."