26 Jun 2008

Fiji suggests more journalists' ban over unspecified negative reporting

3:16 pm on 26 June 2008

There are suggestions foreign journalists may have problems entering Fiji after the interim regime refused to allow a team of Australian Broadcasting Corporation staff visas.

According to the ABC, the team will travel to American Samoa next week to attend the Festival of Pacific Arts and it had also scheduled a visit to Fiji.

The Interim Government's spokesperson, Major Neumi Leweni, confirms visas for the delegation were refused.

He says that decision was based on some negative reports.

"Some reporters from abroad and, the decision has been made and I don't think I should really been explaining it, because the decision has been made and Fiji is a sovereign country and decides on who comes in, and that's it."

When asked if other reporters from overseas would face the same issue, Major Neumi Leweni said it depends, but he doesn't want to comment on other people.