27 Jun 2008

Samoa police files found in rubbish dump

9:41 am on 27 June 2008

Samoa's Ministry of Police and Prisons has called on the Ministry of

Justice and Courts administration to work together after a prosecutor

was informed by a court officer of many police court case files being

found at the ministry's rubbish dump.

The assistant police commissioner, Papalii Li'o, in a letter to the

CEO of justice, Masinalupe Tusipa, says some of the files found in a

rubbish bin were cases from 2004 to 2006.

The assistant commissioner has blamed one of the court registrars now

working in the probation office for the alleged action.

The CEO says the files were cases of minor traffic offences being

withdrawn in court because police officers who filed the charges were

slack and slow in returning summons to confirm the availability of

witnesses and alleged defendants.