27 Jun 2008

New Caledonian president suggests giving Prony deposit to SLN

1:28 pm on 27 June 2008

The New Caledonian president, Harold Martin, has suggested to give the huge Prony nickel ore deposit to the SLN nickel company amid concern over possible ownership changes at the territory's main private sector employer.

The four-million tonne Prony deposit had been given to the Goro nickel project in the territory's south in 2002 but a court has reversed the move by upholding complaints by a wide section of society that the transfer to Goro was illegal.

With the Prony nickel back in public ownership, Mr Martin says it is at disposal and it should be attributed to SLN.

His suggestion comes amid a debate on whether action should be taken to ensure that SLN and its parent company Eramet won't end up in foreign ownership.