30 Jun 2008

Solomon Telekom workers told no repercussions from eight day strike

7:45 pm on 30 June 2008

Solomon Islands Telekom workers have been assured they won't be held accountable for the company's losses incurred during their recent strike.

The Telekom board has accepted the resignation of Chief Executive Martyn Robinson following the eight-day strike by Telekom employees demanding his positon be filled by a local.

The workers had a list of demands for Telekom management, including grievances over retirement packages and other work conditions

But the workers' lawyer, Billy Titiulu, says their main demand was for the removal of Martyn Robinson, who they say has presided over indiscriminate practices within the company:

Mr Titiulu says Telekom's Board has produced a series of resolutions in its attempt to avoid further industrial action.

"One of the conditions is that the the board will withdraw proceedings instituted by the company against the workers for the loss of revenue created as a result of the strike action. So the workers are happy about that. There is also a resolution made, as I understand it, that no punitive actions will be taken by the company against the workers... so in my view that's also a win for them."

Billy Titiulu