2 Jul 2008

American Samoa urged to grow more food

1:30 pm on 2 July 2008

American Samoa's Chamber of Commerce is pushing for the territory to become more self sufficient in food production.

The Chamber's President, David Robinson, says American Samoa needs to import about 98 percent of its food, and amid growing pressure on transport costs this needs to change.

He says they have asked the New Zealand Pacific Business Council to help find suitable cows so they can provide some of their own milk, while efforts are being made in other ways to boost horticulture.

"We are looking at becoming more self sufficient in the production of vegetables, for one thing, and fruits as well too, and of course bolstering our own domestic fishing industry, not the tuna canneries, but the local fishing industry, to set up probably a fish co-operative in the same way we are looking to set up a fresh fruits and vegetable co-operative."

David Robinson