2 Jul 2008

Fiji Sugar Corporation dismisses concerns it won't meet EU deal quota

7:31 pm on 2 July 2008

The Fiji Sugar Corporation says there is no threat to its supply that might make it unable to meet its arrangement with the European Union.

The Fiji Times reported this weak that the FSC might not be able to meet the first quota under a billion-dollar export deal with the European Union.

The Fiji Sugar Corporation's acting chief executive, Deo Saran, says the report is a gross misrepresentation, but admits there is a problem with the supply of cane.

"There's no issue regarding us not being able to meet our target. The only thing is the timeing of the first shipment and that's why we are urging the growers and cane harvesters and cane cutters to speed up and have a continuos supply of cane."

Fiji is expected to supply 25-30 thousand tonnes by mid july, which could be delayed by a week, and 230 thousand tonnes over the year.