3 Jul 2008

Fiji's NFP says regime's planned forum might clear air

6:30 pm on 3 July 2008

Fiji's National Federation Party or NFP says it will be a major achievement to bring together the country's political parties if next month's forum goes ahead.

The Commonwealth Secretary General's Representative, Sir Paul Reeves is holding preliminary talks with all the political parties with a view to bringing them together to discuss the way forward for Fiji.

This will be the first time all the parties have met since the military commander overthrew the elected government and closed parliament in 2006.

The President of the NFP, Raman Singh, says the forum is needed to clarify the position of the interim government.

"They have been very secretive. There has been no meetings as such with all the parties. At this forum itself, I think, matters will come to a head eventually and we will all be aware of the stand that the interim government is taking."

Raman Singh of the NFP