7 Jul 2008

Possible new rules covering Iolani Palace in Hawaii

10:41 am on 7 July 2008

Hawaii's Board of Land and Natural Resources is considering whether to approve a public hearing on proposed new rules for Iolani palace after on-site protests by native Hawaiians.

The self-proclaimed Hawaiian Kingdom Government recently began meeting peacefully outside the residence of their last monarch in a bid to reclaim it since the overthrow of the monarchy in 1893.

Hawaii's Division of State Park says it wants palace rules amended in the interests of peoples safety and to protect the historical monument for future generations.

But International law professor at the University of Illinois, Francis Boyle, says the group is within their rights to possess what is essentially their land and under international law have an airtight case.

"I think its significant for the fact that they have actually now tried to reclaim the Iolani palace, that was the headquarters of the Queen where she lived until she was overthrown and imprisoned. So I think it has a great deal, certainly of symbolic, and political and legal significance."