7 Jul 2008

Third attempt in Bougainville to hold public meeting over controversial Invincible deal

8:05 pm on 7 July 2008

A women's group in Papua New Guinea's autonomous Bougainville province is trying for a third time to hold a public forum over the government's controversial deal with Canadian company, Invincible Resources.

Invincible has been given control of the Bogenvil Resource Development Corporation, which some have called a sell out of Bougainvilleans' birthright.

The BRDC is a vehicle to encourage economic development, including in mining, and Monica Taga of the Bougainville Interchurch Forum says the talk on Bougainville is of six mining projects.

She says they have called the public forum on Thursday for the Government to explain the deal and how Bougainvilleans, particularly women, will benefit.

"The women really have the right to know who is going to benefit and as to how are they going to benefit, and if they are going to start up mines how do they go about those changes - where do they relocate families that sort of thing."

Monica Taga.

The first attempted meeting was stopped because the women did not have a police permit while the second was called off after the death of the then President, Joseph Kabui.