8 Jul 2008

Fiji says lack of resources hampers death threat probe

1:14 pm on 8 July 2008

The Fiji police say a lack of equipment is hampering the investigation into the death threats made against the Australian high commissioner, James Batley.

Mr Batley has received three death threats this year, which are being investigated by Fiji police.

While security has been stepped up at the high commission, Fiji has refused Australia's request to bring in its own police officers for additional protection.

A Fiji police spokesperson, Ema Mua, says for the probe to continue, more resources are needed.

"We can verify that the commissioner has said that we need help from abroad. But we're not referring to manpower, we are referring to the resources needed for the criminal investigations department to be able to facilitate the investigations. We are referring to things that deal with fingerprints, and forensic issues as well."

Ema Mua says they are not seeking help from the Australian police for the case, but hope to receive overseas funding to buy better equipment.