8 Jul 2008

Opposition MP in Samoa worries new slipway may damage environment

1:10 pm on 8 July 2008

An opposition MP in Samoa has environmental concerns over a proposed new slipway for Aleipata district.

Levaopolo Talatonu says the slipway will damage the offshore area of Aleipata district.

He says he raised the concerns after the Minister of Ports Authority sealed a deal with New Zealand company UNIMAR to build it.

He has told the Samoa Observer that tourism in Aleipata is a big contributor to his constituency and the country, and the slipway would ruin the environment, especially marine resources.

The MP alleges a similar project in neighboring American Samoa has damaged the offshore area of Tutuila Island.

According to the MP having boats washed and painted at the slipway would result in oil and chemicals going into the sea.

The Samoa government usually send vessels either to American Samoa or Fiji for dry-docking.