10 Jul 2008

Commonwealth says dialogue needed to solve Fiji impasse

4:10 pm on 10 July 2008

The Commonwealth Secretary General, Kamalesh Sharma, says a broad based political dialogue is a necessity for Fiji, if the interim government wants to move the country towards democratic processes.

The military overthrew the elected government and closed parliament in 2006.

Mr Sharma's special envoy to Fiji, former New Zealand Governor General, Sir Paul Reeves, has been in Fiji to lay the ground work of a meeting of political leaders to discuss electoral reforms.

The Pacnews agency reports Mr Sharma as saying Sir Paul has been in contact with all forms of interlocutors in Fiji's society to try and set the ground rules for the way forward for Fiji,

The Commonwealth Secretary General says that his envoy would only facilitate discussions.

He says whatever the outcome, it should be sustainable and represent a ground on which everyone can stand.

Mr Sharma says the Commonwealth would like to see Fiji return to its place in the 53-member grouping of nations.