12 Jul 2008

Big clean up underway in American Samoa

9:08 am on 12 July 2008

All government departments in American Samoa are cleaning up Tutuila island today as the territory gets ready for a major educational conference and the 10th Festival of Pacfiic Arts.

Only skeleton staffs are manning offices while the rest of the almost 5,000 government workforce are out picking up litter, cutting grass and cleaning.

The clean up effort includes the roadside, beaches, streams and a trash sweep of Pago Pago Bay.

Department directors led their employees in the clean up.

Families were also told to have their junk metal and discarded appliances by the roadside early this morning.

Government and company trucks are collecting scrap metal throughout the island today and tomorrow.

American Samoa is hosting 400 off island delegates to the Pacific Educators Conference from July 14th to 17th and about 2000 people for the 10th Festival of Pacific Arts from July 20th to August 2nd.