16 Jul 2008

Samoa campaign targets mynah birds as pest

3:26 pm on 16 July 2008

People in Samoa are starting to respond positively to the government's latest awareness campaign to eliminate the mynah bird which has been classified as an invasive species.

The government has funded a Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment project to get villagers to take whatever measures they can to get rid of the bird.

The bird, which is also known as a flying rat, eats just about everything and causes serious damage to property and threatens agriculture.

The project's director Susau Siolo says the government now realises the mynah bird is a pest that must be dealt with quickly.

"The mynah bird project that is going on, just implemented this year, with funds from the government to implement the project, [and] doing awareness programmes to give out understanding among the communities through pamphlets, adverts on tv, and workshops,...to try to give them the understanding of the impact of invasive species."

Susau Siolo from Samoa's Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.