17 Jul 2008

Fiji's interim PM wants his Permanent Secretary back

10:03 am on 17 July 2008

Fiji's interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama says he wants his Permanent Secretary Parmesh Chand back in Government.

Chand resigned yesterday over differences with Bainimarama on his role and position's terms of reference.

Fiji Live reports Commodore Bainimarama says Mr Chand is a professional and would be good for the government.

He says he will miss Mr Chand, but the two had differences over the past few days.

Bainimarama told the media that he had a disagreement with Chand, but says it is nobody's business what the disagreement was.

He denied the disagreement was over Chand purportedly arranging for the Pacific Forum Ministerial Contact Group to meet other political leaders.