17 Jul 2008

Australian Law Council fosters regional support network

6:54 pm on 17 July 2008

The Law Council of Australia says lawyers can effectively help promote the rule of law in Fiji.

The Council's president, Ross Gay, says it has been strengthening ties with South Pacific lawyers to achieve that end.

He says the recently formed South Pacific Bar Secretariat is an example of how lawyers can work together to strengthen the rule of law in the region.

Mr Gay says the role of law societies and bar associations is to promote and defend the law to equip lawyers, to in turn equip society with the laws, tools and institutions to promote and defend the principles of the rule of law as a foundation for a just and equitable society.

The Australian group has been working with the Fiji Law Society to promote and defend the rule of law in Fiji, which has seen four coups in less than 20 years.