22 Jul 2008

Guam searchers continue hunt for B-53 crash survivors

10:19 am on 22 July 2008

Guam search and rescue teams will continue the hunt today for six crewmembers of a B-52 bomber that crashed in the water about 25 miles north of Apra Harbor yesterday.

The plane was due to fly in the Liberation Day parade in Guam, but crashed into the Pacific soon after take-off.

Robert Brooks, a civilian Coast Guard search and rescue specialist, says searching continued overnight, with good weather and visibility.

He says they are covering a large search area, around 750 square miles, which gets bigger as time goes on, and currents make things drift.

"Right now we have 2 coast guard cutters and one Navy ship on scene searching, we have 2 Navy helicopters on scene searching, 2 airforce F-15"

jet fighters and we have a Navy P3 Orion search aircraft that will be launching to start a search also.

Robert Brooks says searchers will evaluate throughout the day, and at some point discuss how long to look for survivors.