28 Jul 2008

Samoa Islamic league president acquitted of sex charges

10:50 am on 28 July 2008

The Supreme Court in Samoa has dismissed one count of carnal knowledge and one count of indecent assault against the president of the Islamic league in Samoa, La'ulu Mohammed Daniel Stanley.

The accused, who defended himself without a lawyer, was found guilty two years ago of indecently assaulting an underage girl in an assessor trial 2006.

But La'ulu challenged the verdict and has now been cleared before judge, Vui Clarence Nelson.

The judge has ruled the prosecution did not provide enough evidence to prove the charges beyond reasonable doubt.

During the retrial proceedings, the victim and her mother changed their evidence to support the police charges against the 57 year old accused.

Because of the contradiction in evidence between the first trial and the retrial, the judge says the court would not be able to unravel the truth of what had happened