28 Jul 2008

Guam's Governor advising Pacific countries of business opportunities in his territory

3:51 pm on 28 July 2008

Guam's Governor Felix Camacho says tremendous opportunities exist for Pacific island countries in the U.S. military build-up in Guam.

Governor Camacho, who is in American Samoa to attend the Arts Festival, says Guam is looking to its Pacific Island neighbours to provide labour for the military build-up.

"We will have a shortage and a need for an additional twelve to 15 thousand workers in the fields of construction. There will be ten billion dollars just to be spent to move the marines from Okinawa to Guam. In addition to that another five billion US dollars to help in the building of a missile battalion for the army, [and] an expansion of both naval and air force installations on Guam."

Guam's Governor Felix Camacho