30 Jul 2008

Guam says visa restrictions eased for foreign workers to build new US bases

1:45 pm on 30 July 2008

Guam's Governor Felix Camacho says Pacific Islands workers will not face difficulties getting into the territory which is about to begin preparing for an influx of US troops in 2010.

Around 8000 military personnel and their families are to be moved to Guam from Okinawa.

The move will involve extensive infrastructure development in Guam and Governor Camacho has been encouraging businesses and workers from around the region to consider the opportunity.

Governor Camacho says special waivers for non US citizens and nationals will eliminate the need for US visas for foreigners to enter and work in his territory.

"Guam and Congress have been able to receive an exemption on the numerical cap on workers coming in under the H2 visa, and so we are not subject to any of the numerical caps on workers. There is a sensor clause that would allow for this up until the end of the construction phase which is around 2014."

Felix Camacho