1 Aug 2008

Niue government joins company in joint fishing venture

10:16 am on 1 August 2008

The Niue Government wants to ensure the island has a profitable fishing industry but it will not be injecting funding into its joint venture fish processing plant.

The plant, which has been idle since late last year was built by Reef Shipping which had been looking for financial input before any re-opening.

The new Premier Toke Talagi has been in Wellington this week for talks and says he has received a positive reception for his Government's plans to develop a sustainable economy.

This includes processing fish but Mr Talagi says it will be through tax breaks for Reef not a cash injection.

"I believe that we've all good intentions. New Zealand, ourselves and our joint partner Reef, should work together to see what we can do, to take care that we prepare a good business plan to ensure that we will open the facility. But not only that - to make profits for both the joint partners."