4 Aug 2008

Solomons Truth and Reconciliation Bill goes to parliament

5:53 am on 4 August 2008

In Solomon Islands, the long awaited Truth and Reconciliation Commission Bill will get its first reading in parliament this week.

The Bill will enable the setting up of a commission that will act as a forum where the victims and perpetrators of human rights violations

during the ethnic tension can share their experiences.

The government says this will lay the foundation for national reconciliation.

Under the bill, the commission will be tasked to investigate and report on the causes of ethnic tension and human rights violations and abuses.

The commission will also be given the mandate to investigate the raid on the Rove police armoury in 2000.

Under the Bill the commission will have the powers of the high court.

A national selection committee will be set up to select the five members of the Commission who will be appointed by the prime minister.