7 Aug 2008

US leaves Sunia discussions to American Samoans

7:20 pm on 7 August 2008

The American Samoan lobby group Common Cause has been told by the US Department of Interior that it is a matter for American Samoans to decide what to about its Lieutenant governor who has been indicted.

The department says the people of American Samoa and the Fono have the right to decide whether to pursue impeachment procedures.

It has told Common Cause to discuss with local officials the options available to them.

Lt. Governor Faoa Ipulasi Aitofele Sunia has been indicted by a US grand jury on several counts.

The head of Common Cause, Ben Te'o, says the department's response was predictable.

Mr Te'o says Common Cause has decided to concentrate on the general elections and hopes the elections will bring about good changes for American Samoa .