8 Aug 2008

Solomons attorney general clarifies immunity rules in road death case

9:53 am on 8 August 2008

The Solomon Islands attorney general says immunity will not be granted to the Samoan police officer allegedly involved in the death of Hilda Ilabae if police find that the RAMSI officer was off duty.

Ilabae died on June 13th when she was hit by a vehicle allegedly being driven

by the police officer.

Attorney general Gabriel Suri told parliament that immunity only applies to

those on duty.

"Immunity under the Facilitation Act is available only for situations where an accident occurs while one performs official duties. If we start a process with a foreign government which is in the visiting contingent - if that forein government set jurisdiction, Solomon islands of course will not be able, or a tribunal will not be able, to deal with that particular case."

The government has requested Samoa surrender jurisdiction in the case.