14 Aug 2008

FSM receives Compact-funded grants for July

10:31 am on 14 August 2008

The Federated States of Micronesia has received Compact-funded grants from the United States government totaling more than $ 3,365,000 in July.

These payments were for Compact sector grants for education, health, public sector, environment, and private sector development for Fiscal Year 2008.

The largest amount $1.8 million went to Pohnpei state.

Chuuk state received the least - just $25,750 for road construction - as the Department of Interior earlier this month cut off a number of Compact payments until Chuuk improves its financial accountability.

Yap received $700,000, Kosrae, got $680,800 and the FSM national government received $127,000:

These payments are made on a monthly basis, based upon requests submitted by the FSM government.