15 Aug 2008

Pacific urged to support ICC

3:39 pm on 15 August 2008

The Pacific countries' commitment to the International Criminal Court is on the agenda of a seminar being held in Samoa.

The event is organised by the International Committee of the Red Cross and Samoa's Attorney General's office.

The keynote speaker, Tuiloma Neroni Slade, says the most serious crimes against humanity must not go unpunished, and their effective prosecution must be ensured.

Tuiloma, who is a judge of the International Criminal Court, stresses that the Court cannot be effective by itself, and that it needs more support including from the Pacific region.

The event brings together ministers and other officials from across the Pacific to examine the best ways to increase knowledge about the Red Cross and encourage states to join the effort.

Tuiloma is Samoa's nominee to be the next secretary general of the Pacific Islands Forum to succeed Greg Urwin of Australia.

Mr Urwin died a week ago and is being buried in Samoa.