18 Aug 2008

American Samoa conducts first dog census

10:26 am on 18 August 2008

The American Samoa Humane Society has just completed the Territory's first ever Canine Population Study

A total of 1,237 dogs were observed in 7 randomly selected villages .

The dog counters estimate that only 10% of all dogs on Tutuila Island are "un-owned roaming", while 88% are "owned roaming," and 2% are "owned restricted."

Dogs that are "owned roaming" are those which rely on humans for their welfare but can often be confused with strays because they are allowed to roam free.

The Co-chair of the American Samoa Humane Society, Cheryl Morales, says they are encouraged by the results of the study and hope the territory will be known for its compassion for the pet population.

The society says members of the publicshould have their dogs and cats spayed or neutered, and have all their dogs licensed with the Department of Agriculture.