18 Aug 2008

Niue Premier says climate change and Fiji elections main topics at Forum meeting

10:13 am on 18 August 2008

The Premier of Niue Toke Talagi says it is important that the Pacific Islands Forum discusses the interim Fiji Government's refusal to hold elections by March next year, but he hopes it doesn't undermine other issues critical to the region, such as climate change.

The slogan for the summit, being hosted by Niue, is Tu Takaga, which is a call for Pacific countries to be prepared for the impacts of global warming.

Fiji media reports had earlier suggested Fiji may not attend the meeting after New Zealand refused it an opportunity to hold bi-lateral meetings in Auckland after the summit.

Mr Talagi says he hopes Fiji does arrive but he says it is not the only pressing matter.

"Fiji is very important for its own reasons, but I would be disappointed if Fiji dominated to the point that everything else that we're trying to do in the Pacific is supplanted, if you like. So therefore I would like to ensure that in fact we focus our attention on such matters as climate change and the things that we need to mitigate against climate change."