22 Aug 2008

WHO concerned about antibiotics use in Solomons

4:08 pm on 22 August 2008

The World Health Organisation says Solomon Islanders use too many antibiotics, which can lead to dangerous levels of resistance.

A WHO consultant looking at antibiotic usage of Solomon Islanders, Dr Anuj Sharma, says he's concerned about how readily people use the drug, even for minor illnesses, such as cough and colds.

"The overuse of antimicrobials has been identified and probably adequate steps could be planned. The problem of antimicrobial resistance has also been identified to some extent and that needs some more intervention in terms of strengthening and this could be taken forward."

Dr Anuj Sharma however says compared to many other countries, antibiotic resistance levels are still quite low in Solomon Islands.

Dr Sharma says the country needs to train its doctors to prescribe the drug less often, while community awareness programmes should also take place.