26 Aug 2008

Fiji interim PM says democratic governments failed Fiji

1:21 pm on 26 August 2008

Fiji's interim Prime Minister has rejected arguments that a democratically elected government is required for change.

Speaking at the launch of the consultation process for the proposed People's Charter setting out the way forward for Fiji, Commodore Frank Bainimarama had harsh words to describe the governments that had already led the country:

"I put to you today that our parliaments have had a sad and dismal record on nation building. They have divided us, as a people, both through their rhetoric inside parliament and outside, they've exploited the race based electoral systems for narrow sectarian interests."

He said the democratic system had allowed and encouraged these abhorrent practices.

The Commodore asked the audience to judge whether he intended to impose the Charter or whether he had consulted the people to find solutions to deep rooted problems.

He says those who have chosen not to take part in the Charter process, such as the SDL party and the Methodist church, have willfully penalised their followers