27 Aug 2008

American Samoa Fono reviews request for funds for medical referral programme

9:46 am on 27 August 2008

American Samoa legislators are reviewing the administration's request to appropriate $1.3 million to the LBJ Hospital to cover a fiscal year 2007 overrun in the offisland medical referral programme.

The money is to come from unexpended and unobligated revenues for fiscal year 2008 and subsequent years.

In other words any funds that are leftover at the end of the current fiscal year September 30th, and following years.

This is the same wording as that in a bill to pay the multi million dollar judgment in the Progressive Insurance lawsuit against the American Samoa Government for the Laufou Shopping Centre Fire.

This comes as government suppliers are reporting that they're having to wait longer to be paid.

Reliable sources say the administration's unpaid bill with the American Samoa Power Authority has run into a couple of million dollars.