28 Aug 2008

Fiji interim defence minister still considering whether to stand at next election

9:48 am on 28 August 2008

Labour's withdrawal from the interim administration in Fiji has again raised the question of who will be able to stand when elections are held.

The interim defence minister and former president of the National Alliance party, Ratu Epeli Ganilau, says the issue of whether members of the interim cabinet should be allowed to stand is contentious:

"At the outset, we were lead to believe those who participated in the interim administration should not be taking part should not stand in election, but that does not deny anybody his freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom to stand for elections and that matter, because that is enshrined in constitution, the constituiton being the paramount authority in land"

Ratu Epeli says it is too soon for him to have made any decisions about whether he will stand in elections again.

But he is definite that the National Alliance Party will be there to contest the next poll