29 Aug 2008

Annual social report shows improving wellbeing for Pacific peoples living in New Zealand

10:08 am on 29 August 2008

The Minister for Pacific Island Affairs, Luamanavao Winnie Laban has welcomed the findings for Pacific people in the annual report compiled by the Ministry of Social Development

The report shows that the wellbeing of Pacific peoples living in New Zealand has been improving steadily since the 1990's.

Luamanavao who is also the Associate Minister for Social Development and Employment, says while there are some positives across the board, one stands out in education.

"Most of our young people leaving with higher quialifications more are gaining access to tertiary education, more of our adults have bachelor degrees or higher qualifications, and the hourly earnings are increasing and one of the good things for example with the NCEA level 2 56-percent of our school leavers are leaving school with that or above qualification."

However, the Minister says while there are some positives there are still areas of concern which need to be addressed such as the rate of alcohol consumption and obesity.