1 Sep 2008

American Samoa flight to Apia refused permission to land

10:13 am on 1 September 2008

In American Samoa, Inter Island Air's five o'clock flight to Apia on Friday was refused entry to Faleolo International Airport .

Passengers on the flight said they departed Pago Pago International Airport and were in the air for about 5 minutes when the plane turned back and landed at Tafuna. They were told by the pilot that there was nothing wrong with the plane and , nothing wrong with the weather but they could not continue the flight.

When the aircraft landed, there was a scramble by the airline to put the ten passengers on Polynesian but by that time the Polynesian check in counter had closed.

Sources in Pago Pagoand in Apia say that the Samoa Civil Aviation Authority refused entry to Inter Island because the airline was regularly going over the limit of flights for an on demand charter service.

Its not known if the Civil Aviation Authority made known to the airline prior to yesterday, that it was taking action if it exceeded the flight limit.

It's understood that the airline can still fly to Faleolo but it's allowed only two flights a day.