1 Sep 2008

Fiji's bottled water industry wants government to provide assistance and drop proposed levy

5:46 pm on 1 September 2008

The bottled water industry in Fiji says the Government should abandon plans to levy the industry and instead provide it with marketing support.

The industry and government officials have failed to make progress over a proposed levy, which was introduced after a controversial plan for a 20 cents per litre tax on bottled water was dropped.

The director of Island Chill bottled water company, Jay Dayal, says any form of levy will be detrimental to the industry.

He says the government should be looking to provide assistance because bottled water companies are facing financial difficulties with marketing their brands.

"The government has to seriously consider providing us with subsidies, marketing support and a whole bunch of packages so that it can be encouraging for the bottlers to see that we can export goods and get that much needed foreign revenue for the country."

Jay Dayal says another meeting to discuss the proposed levy is scheduled in two weeks time.