3 Sep 2008

Health Officials in Fiji warn of national dengue fever outbreak

9:20 pm on 3 September 2008

Health Officials in Fiji are warning of a national dengue fever outbreak.

The Ministry of Health says out of about 82 suspected cases, nine have been tested positive for the virus.

The Ministry's Director of Curative Health Services, Dr Ami Chandra says there has been an increase in cases of dengue fever in hospitals and health centres, particularly in Suva.

"We have embarked on such a campaign to seek public cooperation on destroying mosquito breeding grounds, making people aware of the signs and symptoms of the disease, as well as taking more steps to look at mosquito density and identifying sites for probable strains in highly dense mosquito population areas."

Dr Ami Chandra says the public is being warned to destroy all breeding grounds including containers holding stagnant water.