8 Sep 2008

France's UMP backs French Polynesian President for senate

10:43 am on 8 September 2008

France's ruling party, the UMP has officially announced its endorsement of French Polynesia's candidates for the forthcoming Senatorial elections.

Those to get its backing are French Polynesia's President, Gaston Tong Sang, and one member of his ruling coalition, Béatrice Vernaudon.

The pair were chosen last month by the ruling To Tatou Ai'a coalition to contest the French Senatorial elections, scheduled to take place on September 21.

The Senatorial elections take place on a progressive basis in France, with one third being renewed every three years.

For the first time, French Polynesia will be represented in the French Upper House by two members, instead of one only previously.

Mr Tong Sang and Ms Vernaudon will be running against 77-year-old Gaston Flosse, who was once their ally and mentor.