9 Sep 2008

Some of Tonga's MPs unhappy they are paying higher income tax

1:34 pm on 9 September 2008

The Speaker of the Tonga Legislative Assembly, Noble Tu'ilakepa, has pleaded with the Government to reduce the newly imposed 20 percent tax because of its impact on MPs salaries.

The 20 percent tax applies on earnings above 30 thousand Tonga pa'anga.

The Matangi Tonga website says it is clear that some MPs do not understand how the new tax rates work and are not happy their own salaries are being taxed at the higher level.

The Speaker had made an emotional plea in Parliament last week, saying how down-hearted he felt when he saw the MPs receiving what he called their pitiful pay packets.

He called for the old rate of 10 per cent to be re-instituted.