12 Sep 2008

Public sector reform a key part of New Zealand's longterm aid package for Tonga

3:39 pm on 12 September 2008

New Zealand's new aid strategy in Tonga will address governance and civil society, growth and sustainable livelihoods, and education.

New Zealand will give Tonga nearly 80 million US dollars in aid over the next ten years, under a new strategy launched yesterday.

New Zealand's High Commissioner to Tonga, Christine Bogle, says it reflects the new NZAID philosophy of doing deeper and longer projects, but fewer of them.

She says NZAID will be providing support for public sector reform, including customs, taxation, and the Public Service Commission.

"As regards the political reform process, we've made it clear to Tonga that we stand ready to help them with the new commission that is about to begin, the commission on electoral and constitutional reform, but we're awaiting a specific request.'"

Christine Bogle says there will be new projects in tourism, and technical and vocational training, along with New Zealand and Australian police working with the Kingdom's.