15 Sep 2008

Samoa NGO says children being exploited by their families

6:17 am on 15 September 2008

An NGO in Samoa says children are being exploited by their parents, and made to sell leis of flowers late at night.

The Samoa Victim Support Group has launched a programme to stop the night time selling by children and aims to provide financial assistance for the children's families.

The group's spokesperson, Masoe Iosefa Tautua, says children found selling leis on the streets have been sent home with the organization purchasing the leis and giving the money to the families.

He says the children are selling to people who are out late at night, to people at night clubs, often until later than 3am.

"So you know, that's one way of socialising children. By just observing from the behaviours of those people who are drunk at night, and because we have heard and we saw that some of these children are starting to smoke."