15 Sep 2008

NZ continue's education focus for aid to Tonga

6:13 am on 15 September 2008

New Zealand will continue its support for education, in its new development strategy for Tonga.

New Zealand will give Tonga nearly 80 million US dollars in aid over the next ten years.

The development will focus on governance and civil society, broad-based growth and sustainable livelihoods and education.

Angela Wilton, from the development agency, NZ AID, says a current project - which looks at basic education - will continue.

"We're also looking at embarking on a new strategy, which looks at tertiary level education, including the technical, vocational education and training , or TVAT, and that's to address ongoing issues, regarding the workforce, youth unemployment, and things like that. In addition to that, we're continuing with the scholarships that we've had going with the government of Tonga, so that will continue as well, so there's a wide range of educational support that we're offering."