15 Sep 2008

Cuba offers to train more doctors for Solomon Islands

11:15 am on 15 September 2008

In a move to address acute doctor shortages in Solomon Islands, the Cuban Government has offered to train another 25-doctors this year.

The Under Secretary of Health Care in the Ministry of Health, Dr Cedric Alependava said the students will be sent before the end of the month.

Dr Alependava says they have now finalised the list and what remains now was is secure US$200,000 in airfares to send the students.

He says Cuba has been generous in training Solomon Islands doctors at no cost.

Dr Alependava says currently 25 medical students are studying there and are coping well.

Next year Cuba has offered space for another 10 students.

Solomon Islands needs at least 60 doctors to meet medical demands nation-wide.

Currently, Solomon Islands has 110 trained doctors but one-third of them are serving abroad.