15 Sep 2008

Solomons gets update national maps, aerial photos and an atlas

1:57 pm on 15 September 2008

The national geographical centre in Solomon Islands says newly created maps and an atlas of the country will yield huge benefits.

The whole of the Solomons has been mapped with more than 150 new maps, aerial photographs and images produced in cooperation with the Australian Government over the past six years.

The principal cartographer at the national geographical centre, Dalpon Hone, says they had only maps of the country from the 1980s that needed updating.

Mr Hone says they developed the new maps with the latest technology and they are a great achievement.

"We needed more updated maps, for twenty years to have updated ones like the one we have now, that's a very good source of data for the development of the country. So we have a new update of population, schools, and all that on the maps, which is faily good for the country."

Dalpon Hone says it will help also with future planning and development.