18 Sep 2008

Solomon Islands payroll systems being upgraded with help from RAMSI

1:57 pm on 18 September 2008

The Solomon Islands Ministry of Finance is to upgrade the country's payroll system because of inefficiencies within the current programme.

The Regional Assistance Mission's advisor to the Ministry of Finance, Jeff Bryne, has told the RAMSI Review panel that the government's payroll system is in need of a major overhaul.

"I think the last time it was upgraded was pre-2000. It is quite prone to breaking down - we shouldn't tell public servants this because they might worry about getting paid - but every now and again the sytem has to be manually managed to make it work properly"

In the past there have been problems with ghost employees appearing on the payroll and no quick system of recognizing changes in staff conditions.

Jeff Bryne is team leader of the Financial Management Strengthening Programme in the Ministry of Finance.