22 Sep 2008

Wallis and Futuna's French Senate rep re-elected

1:41 pm on 22 September 2008

Wallis and Futuna's sole representative in the French Senate, Robert Laufoaulu, has obtained a fresh six-year mandate in the French Senatorial elections.

The vote involved 21 participants: the members of the local legislative assembly as well as Wallis and Futuna's member of the French National Assembly's Lower House, Victor Brial.

Oceania Flash reports that Mr Laufoaulu received 13 votes, including eight from his own party, UMP, and another five from what is locally described as "centrist" members of the local House.

His only opponent, Vetelino Nau, who was running for the local Union for Wallis and Futuna -UPWF, got eight, local television reports.

Friar Robert Laufoaulu's candidacy was once again endorsed by the French ruling UMP party.

He will serve for another six years.

The Senatorial elections take place on a progressive basis in France, with one third being renewed every three years.